CP200 Antenna on a BPR40 Radio

My CP200 Radio antenna screws on properly on my BPR40 Radio, is this antenna interchangeable?

follow url http://standardwaste.com/our-services.aspx 100% No!!!!

That antenna was specifically made for a CP200 radio, using that antenna on another radio like the BPR40, will run the risk of burning out the power amplifier. It’s not a question of “if”, but of “when” the power amplifier will burn out. Use only the antenna that was specifically designed for the BPR40.

http://kaitlynweathers.com/show/costa-mesa-fish-fry/ This also includes many generic and aftermarket antennas which are just not specifically tuned to interact properly with the BPR40 radio. This is a perfectly good example of buyer beware when buying generics.