CP200D Talk Tone

Why does my CP200d radio make a noise or tone every time I try to talk?

http://homesellersolutions.co/resources Yes I can see where that can be quite annoying, the old Motorola CP200 radios did not have that option. You will need to take your radio back to the dealer and have them reprogram the radio to omit this tone using the Radio Service Software (RSS). This setting is under the general option setting and applies to the entire radio.

http://danielleinthecity.ca/the-hoods/st-lawrence-market/dsc_0348/ The options are:
– no tone whatsoever
– tone only for analog channels
– tone only for digital channels.

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best pharmacy to buy propecia Many people have complain about this and the first thing we do is make sure the setting is set to “No tones” whatsoever.