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Can I program the same frequencies of a CP200 Radio on to a BPR40 Radio?

Why is Motorola facing out Nickel Cadmium batteries and replacing them with Nickel Metal Hydride?

Is there a difference between a Motorola Microphone and a generic one that I could purchase on Amazon for less?

How do I clone a Motorola BPR40 Radio to another BPR40 Radio?

What are the Motorola Part Numbers for the Radio Programming Cables?

What is PL or DPL?

We have a Vertex Standard radio that we are taking to South America, what happens if I require service under the 3 year warranty?

Can a TalkAbout personal 2-way radio really talk up to 30 miles?

My CP200 Radio antenna screws on properly on my BPR40 Radio, is this antenna interchangeable?

How can I check my Motorola Date Code on my batteries?

Why does my CP200d radio make a noise or tone every time I try to talk?

What are some basic 2-Way Radio Terminology?

How to get more battery life?

What are the 2-way Radio or walkies-talkies Codes?

What is the difference between VHF and UHF and which one should I purchase?

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